Exploring the Prevailing Types of Workplace Accidents

In Arizona, as in other states, workplace accidents can vary depending on the industry and type of work being performed, so the state requires that workers are provided with a safe and reliable work environment.

Employers need to take appropriate measures to prevent workplace accidents, which may involve implementing safety practices and providing ongoing training to employees in any tasks they perform.

If you have suffered any type of workplace accident, you have the right to compensation. However, you must meet certain requirements and may need the assistance of a lawyer. Fortunately, at Taylor and Associates, we have experience in Workers’ Compensation and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Types of Common Workplace Accidents

  • Musculoskeletal injuries: These injuries can occur due to overexertion, repetitive object handling, uncomfortable postures, or lack of ergonomics in the workplace. Examples include sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, and back injuries.
  • Falls from heights: Falls from ladders, scaffolds, roofs, or other heights can result in serious injuries such as fractures, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.
  • Slips and falls: Slips and falls can occur due to slippery surfaces, spilled liquids, clutter in the workplace, or lack of proper signage. These accidents can cause injuries to the head, limbs, back, and other parts of the body.
  • Entanglement injuries: Workers may become caught in machinery, equipment, or structures in the workplace, which can result in amputations, crush injuries, or other serious injuries.
  • Injuries from moving objects: Workers may be struck by falling or thrown objects, such as tools, materials, or moving equipment, which can result in bruises, cuts, fractures, or other injuries.
worker in a warehouse environment experiencing a common workplace accident with boxes falling onto the worker

What process should I follow in case of a workplace accident?

  • Injury notification: Firstly, the worker needs to notify their employer about the workplace injury as soon as possible after it occurs. This step is crucial to initiate the workers’ compensation claim process.
  • Seeking medical attention: The injured worker should seek appropriate medical attention for their injuries. In Arizona, employers can choose the initial doctor for treating work-related injuries during the first 90 days after the injury.
  • Filing a claim: After notifying their employer about the injury and receiving medical attention, the worker must file a workers’ compensation claim with either the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) or the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. This claim must be filed within a specific time frame after the injury, usually within one year in Arizona.
  • Claim investigation: Once the claim is filed, the ICA or the workers’ compensation insurance company will investigate to determine the worker’s eligibility for receiving workers’ compensation benefits. This may involve reviewing details of the injury, medical treatment received, and other related factors.
  • Eligibility determination: Based on the investigation results, a decision will be made regarding the worker’s eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. If the claim is approved, the worker may be eligible to receive benefits such as payment of medical bills, compensation for lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation as necessary.

It’s important to bear in mind that the eligibility process for Workers’ Compensation may vary depending on the individual case and the specific details of the injury and employment. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek legal advice from an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation to guide you through the process and protect the injured worker’s rights. If you’re in Arizona, contact Taylor & Associates today.

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