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Types of Workplace Accidents: Falls from Heights

Worker falls from heights and suffers a workplace injury

An extremely common type of injury from workplace accidents is falls from heights. This article will help you understand what those injuries are and what options you have if you suffer a similar injury.

What are falls from heights?

A “fall” is when a person loses balance and ends up on the ground or another lower level involuntarily. These accidents can occur for various reasons, such as slips, trips, and loss of grip, among others. Falls can result in physical injuries ranging from minor, such as scratches or bruises, to severe, such as bone fractures or head injuries.

A “fall from height” refers to any situation in which a person plummets from an elevated position exceeding their height, or conventionally, from a surface more than 1.50 meters above ground level.

How to prevent a fall from height?

If we work in environments where there is a risk of such accidents, it is important to be informed about preventive measures and put them into practice:

Use of protective equipment: Utilize harnesses, helmets, or other safety devices specifically designed to protect against falls from height.

Inspection and maintenance of equipment and structures: Regular inspections of equipment, such as ladders, platforms, and railings, are essential to ensure they are in good condition and comply with safety standards.

Training and awareness: Employers should provide adequate training to workers or individuals working in elevated environments on how to identify and prevent the risk of falls from height, as well as the importance of adhering to safety protocols.

Use of railings and barriers: Installing railings and barriers in appropriate locations provides a physical barrier to help prevent accidental falls.

Safe working conditions: Maintaining a clean and tidy work environment reduces the risk of trips and slips that may lead to falls from heights.

Proper supervision: Adequate supervision can ensure that safety procedures are followed and necessary measures are implemented to prevent falls from height.

If you have experienced a fall from a height at your workplace, we understand your challenges. At Taylor and Associates, as specialists in workers’ compensation, we are committed to helping individuals obtain the maximum compensation possible for their accidents, providing the necessary support at every stage of the process.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident and need assistance in obtaining the compensation you deserve, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you recover and move forward with your life. Your well-being is our priority.

Reference: Medical Assistant

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